I have a web site that is constructed in Netobjects. Actually, it is made of of
8 different .nod files.

I would like to be able to use one of these .nod files with a new, second web
site without having to load all of the data as pages within the second web site.

In other words, I would like to access the pages from the new, second web site.

Easy enough to do using links, but therein lies the problem. If I do it this
way the user leaves the new second web site and is put into the first. Not at
all a good thing from the user point of view; suddenly they are in a different
web site with no way to navigate the previous web site other than to use the
back button. Ugh!!!!

The pages are nothing more than text and pictures all associated with travel.

Does anyone have any ideas for me that would allow these pages to be produced
only one time on the server but accessed by both web sites without having to
jump from one web site to the other?

Hope this makes sense.

Any/all help greatly appreciated.


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