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Thread: NOF Styles Table - Is There a Visual Guide?

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    Default NOF Styles Table - Is There a Visual Guide?

    I am starting a new page, from scratch, and looking for a suitable style to use. Trouble is it's just a long list of names and would take forever to open each one to see how it looks.

    Is there a graphic summary, table or set of images that shows the available styles - Visually?

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    Thanks Thomas; It's pretty much the way I have been checking out the styles before, one by one and try to remember which looks best - Although I never noticed the Preview tab before - That's very handy. When did they add that? I suppose I could do a bunch of screen-shots of that page for reference.

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    You can visualise NOF 2015 styles ans templates here:

    [Website is no longer online]
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    Thanks - I've seen Kurt's site and it is handy for seeing how the styles and templates look. But not so much for understanding how they work. I have the template for Good-Inc Rust and that has some tabbed examples. So that's a good start.

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