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Thread: [Bug] Screen Flicker on Selecting Text

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    Default [Bug] Screen Flicker on Selecting Text

    No problem at 100% zoom, but at 125, 150, or 200% zoom the screen flickers horribly when selecting text. This also happens if the zoom is < 100%

    AMD 6500 1 Gbyte RAM GeForce 6100 onboard graphics.

    Is it just on my hardware or do others also see this? Just click and drag sideways to select some text.
    AMD 64 3500 • 1 Gbyte RAM • onboard GeForce graphics Windows XP Home SP3
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    Yes, I am getting this. Did you ever find a solution?

    With a 1080p resolution screen, everything is very small at 100%. But NOF unusable at anything else.

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