we have a website (www.italiareisen.de) with Fusion 2015.
Each property page has a price list and additional costs which comes from a MS-SQL 2012 Database.
The other items (e.g. images and text) on the pages where made by hand directly in fusion.
So we have more than 800 pages built with Fusion 2015 and the program is shocking slow.

We´ve made a database connection over ODBC to the MS-SQL-Server 2012.

Now we had several problems:

1. How could we add another new database field to the existing db-connection in Fusion?
We add a new field in the SQL-Server. This field should be used in Fusion, but Fusion could not see the new field.
How could we add new fields to existing connections in Fusion?
Where can I update the mapping of the field coming from the MS-SQL Server 2012 centrally?
We could not delete and built up all the pages from scratch!

2. How could we add MS-SQL Field-Types like nvarchar, binary, image etc.
It seems that Fusion could not understand normal Field-Types (existing for years and they are very common), only very simple types like char.
Is this right and what kind of field-types does Fusion understand?
Please sent me a list of field-types that Fusion an understand!!

3. Fusion convert existing HTML from SQL-Server Cell-Values to plain text.
In our SQL-Database we´ve well formed HTML fragment/snippets and we want to injects these snippets in the Fusion page by using the data connection from fusion.
What field-type shall I use that fusion let the code through without changing the cell content?
Or how can I format cell-values coming from a database field, like font and font-colour?

4. How can we format the style of the tables coming from the database connection?

Best regards,