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Thread: Unable to connect with version manager error message

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    Default Unable to connect with version manager error message

    Any idea what this error message means and how to correct it? NOF 11 and Windows 10.


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    Under the Site Options dialog, go to the Versioning tab and note the publish profile used.

    Then close the Site Options dialog.

    Click Publish Site from the toolbar to display the Publish Site dialog. Click the button with the pencil icon to display the Publish Settings dialog. Then highlight the entry corresponding to the previously noted profile. Click the Test Connection button to verify the connection. A dialog will appear to indicate if the test was successful.

    If the previous test was successful, close the Publish Settings and Publish Site dialogs and open the Site Options dialog again. Verify that the repository path is correct. You could use an FTP client (e.g. FileZillla) to connect and then browse to the repository path.

    If you still need assistance, submit a ticket to technical support and they can help you.

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