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Thread: netobjects frustration 2015

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    Default netobjects frustration 2015

    Bought this yesterday and have now wasted the best part of a whole day being messed about with it.
    I have used previous versions with no problems...

    this one.....

    standard components dont work, if I try to use them (eg ad banner), the program crashes and I lose everything (it says its recovering on start up, but nothing there). it also crashes at random...

    using windows 7 pro, 64bit, 1.7ghz processor and 4gb ram and 400gb of hard disk still available...

    anyone had similar ?

    would appreciate some help, response from net objects so far ----- nothing !!!

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    Do you have Java JRE installed? It's required for Fusion to function completely.
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    This might help too: Although I wasn't having other issues with my computer, I ran 'chkdsk /r' from the command line and found that my hard drive had an error in one of the font files of NetObjects Fusion. The application was crashing on certain occasions, and this might have fixed it. (I haven't been using it enough lately to be sure, but so far no crashes)

    In any case, if your hard drive is having any issues, you surely want to know about it sooner rather than later. You can google how to do it, but it basically goes like this:

    Hit the Windows key and the X key and select 'Command Prompt (admin)'
    Enter chkdsk c: /r
    Select the option to do it the next time your computer boots.
    Boot your computer. The process can take hours; mine got stuck at 10% for like 2 hours!
    After it is done and you are back to Windows hit the Windows key and the X key again. This time choose Event Viewer. Select Windows Logs and then Application. Right click Application and use Find to search for chkdsk. Read the log about what errors were found if any.

    I hope this helps.

    Update: NOF2015 still crashes on occasion when I switch to page view even after the chkdsk repair.
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    Hi Collin,

    My suggestion has to do with the operating system. Right-click on the icon of NetObjects on your desktop. Click on Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab. Chk the box to Run this program as an Administrator. This is a general cure all for most programs. Hope this helps!

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