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Thread: Insert HTML Code Made with Fusion into Another Webpage

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    Default Insert HTML Code Made with Fusion into Another Webpage


    I am sorry to bother everyone but I have a weird request.

    I want to use Fusion to create a single small webpage so that I will use the HTML code from it (after stripping out Body, Header and other tags) and place it inside the body of another webpage to make a single webpage. Basically they have a webpage where you can add HTML code to spice up a section and have the code displayed (not the code itself but what was encoded like a clickable picture which leads to another website or text that has CSS properties) on their webpage. Does that make any sense? Most of the stuff is rudimentary so I want to include a lot of stuff that will look very impressive.

    I have never blogged but if you are given a space where you can write and include HTML code in it like you can in this forum's messages, then save it and that text is now placed in a webpage that has other features like search, other authors etc so you only have to do a small part.

    Actually this forum's messages are a good example. When writing a message, you are given a text area where you can include HTML code to spice it up. Then when saved that text is a part of a larger webpage that includes other posts and all the information automatically generated at the top and the left of the webpages. So it saves a lot of effort on the writer's part.

    Is there an easier way to do it, perhaps using iframe that what I write below? I suspect there is a really easy way to do this than what I propose.

    What I want to do is create a webpage that has no MasterBorders so it is a single piece of code, a single webpage then strip out Body, Header and other tags that are not needed, so I can copy and paste the rest of the code into the other webpage.

    Do you think Fusion's using pixel level accuracy will create any problems, if so should I force it to be completely HTML 5 code or use Tables?

    Be able to control the width of the to be inserted webpage (using Fusion's grid bars to control the size) so that it fits within the area they give without causing scroll bars to appear on the bottom.

    Then create some impressive looking code with Fusion. The problem I foresee is since I do not have directory control, I cannot load anything more than code so I need to hard code a complete URL for every resource (picture) like (I am not including the // after http in case it wants to make a link of something I just made up) instead of just FileIWantToDisplay.jpg like I could if I could upload something to the directory. So my question is can you tell Fusion to use full URLS instead of relative URLS?

    There are some more questions but these are the dealbreakers I foresee.

    Thank you

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    Links to external locations:

    For full URLs use the external link option and select http from the drop down menu choice.

    If you only want the URL without the http select none from the drop down menu choice.

    the rest of your question is fuzzy to me and I can't understand what you are trying to do.

    Is the "other site" supplied with software that you have code access to (like wordpress joomla etc)? or is it a self contained web page where the user can add/edit content only (with the underlying display code on the host server)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gotFusion View Post
    Is the "other site" supplied with software that you have code access to (like wordpress joomla etc)?
    I am not sure because I have never used wordpress or joomla but I believe the answer is No Sir, it is just capable of inserting HTML into a text space and saving (see below) and I wanted to use Fusion to do more than just the simple stuff but I would have to edit the locations of data like graphics so it pointed to where it is stored because I cannot store it on that server

    Quote Originally Posted by gotFusion View Post
    is it a self contained web page where the user can add/edit content only (with the underlying display code on the host server)?
    Yes Sir, that is a great description. That is exactly what it is except unlike this forum where you can include a picture in the text and the BBS code saves it and displays it, I have to reference/link any graphics from another server where they are actually stored. I wish I had been as concise and clear as you were.

    Because Fusion uses transparent pictures to ensure spacing and since I cannot download those graphics or anything else to the displaying webpage's directory, they have to be hosted elsewhere on another server with only the pure HTML code on the displaying webpage's server. So I wanted to be able to use a text editor and change all the reference/links to either graphics or other resources in the pure HTML code like pictures from ../example.jpg (where ../ denotes the current server directory which I do not have access to) to a full URL on a totally different server such as so that I could have the HTML code on the remote webpage but it would correctly reference the graphics and other code in a directory that I can upload them to.

    This may be easier to understand. Say the website that displays the webpage I want to add to is located on Server 1. All I can do is save pure HTML code to the program on Server 1. I have no access/upload rights to Server 1 to upload pictures or any other data the HTML code might need to display correctly. What I want to do is upload all the data that Fusion creates to Server 2. Then change the URL references in the HTML code saved on Server 1 from being in the same directory (../example.jpg) to point browsers to where the data is actually stored on Server 2 ( I think that is clearer.

    I wonder if it would be easier to use an aliased directory?

    Thank you for your help

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