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Thread: Phone Friendly, But Non-Responsive NOF Website

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    Default Phone Friendly, But Non-Responsive NOF Website

    Hello all, can I ask, is there a way of building two websites, one that the PC user would view and one that a person viewing the website with a mobile phone would see. Now I know that obviously there is a way of building two websites, that's not the question, the question is, how to do it so that the person browsing automatically views the mobile optimised site or the PC optimised site depending on what device he is using.

    And, that Google look at the site structure whilst they are spidering and say "yes we like this website because it is mobile friendly" what do they need to see or how should the site be structured to satisfy googles requirements and give your site a good rating.

    I can see an advantage on having this type of set up over a responsive site, as the responsive site does not always respond the way you had hoped it would and components can end up on the screen of the mobile device in places that you had not planned

    I have never really looked at the mosaic, but Im guessing that it is a stand alone site for the mobile site only, the PC friendly site would be hosted somewhere else and would be two separate sites, not very Google friendly for the separate PC optimised site (but if Im wrong about this, please let me know)

    Thank you all in advance for your responses, the outcome of this enquiry will make or break me staying with NOF

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    The only way is to run a diversion script that reads the visiting device viewport and directs the visitor to the appropriate version of the site. Including a viewport meta tag may or may not make any difference as far as Google is concerned, but I think by now it looks at more than just the presence of a viewport tag. At the least I think it would look for the presence of media queries in the code. Of course, you could manually place media queries in the NoF generated code and whether or not they worked on a particular device they may fool the Google spider. At least for a while.

    For a selection of scripts look here and here.

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