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Thread: Publishing Troubles

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    Default Publishing Troubles

    Hi, thanks in advance for any help is appreciated.

    My company currently has a website made with NetObjects Fusion 10 on a server at, available on the web.
    This website was setup before I started work here. I learned how to update it but did not do the initial setup and publish.

    I have recently used the same NetObjects Fusion 10 to create another website, more currently styled and up to date.

    I have tried to publish using all the same information in regards to the publish settings: same server, directory, user name, password, etc. I am unable to publish, getting the error that I "could not connect to

    Is there something additional that needs to be done when replacing one website with another?

    Thanks again,

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    Check with the web host. They may have made changes on their end since the site was last updated.
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