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Thread: Problem posting forms

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    The Form Action is pointing to the root directory, but when you go there, it gets you a 404 Error. And is looking saying " /cgi-bin/php-cgi/FormHandler.php was not found on this server."

    Check with your host. They're evidently sending requests for php scripts to that directory and that's not where the FormHandler.php file is located.

    Could be the way they have .htaccess set up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atlmagi View Post
    OK, I changed the autoframes.

    The FormHandler.php is in the root directory.
    I wanted to let both of you know that the host has corrected the problem. It seems to have been on their side. You can't know how much your kind replies meant to me. Sometimes I tend to feel alone out here and I just don't have that much knowledge/experience.

    Thanks for the help you provide us,


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