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Thread: NOF generated coding is ADDING unneeded table row

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    Default NOF generated coding is ADDING unneeded table row

    I'm running into a weird problem where NOF 2015 is ADDING an unneeded and unwanted table row of 19 pixels on just 2 of my 17 pages.

    Try as I might to remove this table row from being created and loaded to the site, I cannot fix this issue.

    The other 15 pages, are just fine. Problem pages:

    With JUST these 2 pages, there is a table row being automatically generated when NOF publishes the site (this 19 pixel row is not visible within NOF). This row appears between the end of the "white" page background and above the row of page buttons.

    The added coding looks like this:

    TD HEIGHT="19" /TD

    The section where this row is being automatically generated by NOF is in the Bottom "MasterBorder" footer area of the page. So you'd think this would be the same across ALL pages, but NOF is just doing this on these 2 pages.

    Help? How can I remove / prevent this?

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    you are using the loose doctype, that is not recommended at all

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

    enable quirks mode to eliminate this doctype, or publish with HTML5 output and UTF8 doctype
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