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Thread: Unable to Publish (NOF Hangs)

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    Default Unable to Publish (NOF Hangs)

    I've been working with NOF 12 for years now. I have a well established site which I make changes to. NOF 12 is a bit sluggish with this design for some reason, but it's always been fairly responsive. I made some changes to the Site Style Navigation bar, but only minor changes. I updated the default font of the navigation bar for all of the button styles. On the pages while in NOF that appears to work ok. I'm not positive that this change precipitated the inability to publish or not, but it feels like that was something.

    Now, I can't publish. I cannot publish locally, and I cannot publish remotely. NOF basically just hangs. It might also have something to do with NOF changing the Windows (I'm on Windows 7) to a Basic resolution. For whatever reason, it seems to need to do that, and normally it switches it while I'm in NOF, and it changes back to my native resolution when finished.

    Is there a log file, or other documentation I can submit to get back to publishing? I've got some changes I need to get posted live.

    One other thing, is that it appears to be this specific site. I have a mobile site also which I can modify and publish locally or remotely without incident. So, there is something about the site now affecting the ability to publish. Thank You.

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    Which version of Java do you have installed? If you have a current JRE (Java Runtime environment), tell Fusion in the Application Settings (Tools > Options> Application) to use the external JRE rather than 1.4 that comes bundled with Fusion 12. JRE 1.4 doesn't work well with modern Windows desktop settings.

    If you haven't installed Java, do so from Then use it with Fusion.

    Fusion 2013 and Fusion 2015 will automatically use the external JRE if you have one installed.

    For your publishing problem... have you tried to re-optimize the site in Site View? Hopefully you haven't been pasting in content fro Microsoft Word. That can cause publishing problems.
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