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Thread: How do I import my style into NOF2015 Styles List

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    Exclamation How do I import my style into NOF2015 Styles List

    I have duplicated a style then altered the images etc. to make it my style.
    I found the list of zip files for the styles and put mine there but it does not show up anywhere in NOF2015.
    Also it seems some styles show in Local SiteStyles and some show in Legacy SiteStyles there is nothing in My Local SiteStyles.
    I'm finding it a little confusing, I thought if I duplicated a style and re-named it to my style it would show in the list !!!
    Can someone help please, I've done the hard work but I can't use my style because I can't find it, and don't know where to put it.
    Is there NO way of getting any real help, Over a week and nothing.
    I have gone to Site Style/ Add Site Style Source/Navigate to my source folder.
    But it says "A Site Style Source with the same name exists. Please choose a different name"
    Now even if I change the name of the source folder and the location, it still says the same thing.
    Why did I pay for a programme that I can't get any help with.
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