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Thread: NOF 10 Serial Number not working - help with reinstall please

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    Default NOF 10 Serial Number not working - help with reinstall please

    I had a version of NOF 10 a long time ago and later updated to 12

    Then my PC needed a total reboot and I lost the software. I am trying to reinstall NOF10 but it wont accept the serial number/licence key I just generated from NOF Shop.

    Two reasons I am trying to load NOF10 - 1) I have old NOF 10 websites I want to open. 2) I want to load my NOF12 update and I am having problems

    I tried to to reinstall my legally purchased NOF 12 update but it wouldnt do it properly

    I cannot get the exe file to open and I when I click on it to Open I now get
    an error message as follows. I have also tried to run as administrator but
    get the same message.

    >SetupNew\setup.cpp (140)
    @windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600)
    IE Version: 9.11.9600.17239

    So - I thought maybe I needed to load NOF 10 full version - and THEN try to load NOF12 update.

    I have run the NOF10 exe and it now won't accept the serial number I just generated from the NOF Shop.

    Any advice on how I get a NOF10 code to work please? And/or advice on whether I can't get NOF12 to load because I dont have NOF10 yet?


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