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Thread: Import a font into NOF

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    Question Import a font into NOF

    Is it possible to import a font (On my computer and available in windows) into my edited style.
    I have managed to change all the graphics and I want to use a particular font for all of the text,
    However it is not one of NOF list of fonts and I cannot find anywhere anything about importing fonts,
    If indeed it is possible.

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    If you're talking about a font being used on your nav buttons, banner, etc, then yes, you should be able to select it and NoF will use it to create the graphics. Be aware, however, that certain fonts have been designed for screen display while others are for printed matter. Verdana, Tahoma, etc are designed for screen display whereas something like Gill Sans or Goudy Old Style are design for print and do not display well on the screen, even when written to graphics like nav buttons.

    If you're talking about text on your web site, you can edit the Normal style in the Manage Styles dialog box accessed either in Style View or in Page View. However, if it isn't a web font or a standard font the user is likely to have on their computer then it's very unwise as they will not be able to use that font if it isn't installed on their system.

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