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Thread: NOF Forms Handler

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    Default NOF Forms Handler

    I want to save and search for personal data on members on my web page.
    I have placed a NOF Forms Handler on a page in Netobjects fusion 11.0.
    The fields are published and accessable on my web page.
    I may fill in data, but the following message appears when I submit the input :
    An error occured. Please contact the site administrator.
    Error code: 701

    What is wrong ?

    I want to search for the members
    How do I create a Search field that search in the NOF Forms Handler fields and how do I create a result table.

    How do I create an edit button in the result table.
    When the data is updated the data has to be submitted and saved.

    Thanks Per-Olav Bang

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    701 error is the same as a 404 (not found) error coming from the server.

    You need to run the wizard to set a path and create the folder on the server.

    The code the component writes saves the data in a CSV file which is a plain text file with each item on a separate line with the item input separated by commas. Not very good for much and not what you are after.

    Any database saves, searches, and edits should be done on a "real" database and performed via a dynamic language.

    I can search my 14,000 member database in microseconds but it is a MS SQL server database run by coldfusion.

    Ask your web host what they support for databases and languages then look for something that is pre-written that will fit your needs.
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