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Thread: Forms : writing data to CSV files does not work outsite Forms Handler

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    Question Forms : writing data to CSV files does not work outsite Forms Handler

    Hey Guys,

    I've been struggling with this for some days now, and I gave up browsing for information on the forum and Google...

    What happens? When I use Forms Handler Manager and Forms Handler Component everything works out fine. CSV files are being created using the wizard, and form content is being written to as expected.
    But... Forms Handler does not handle all the fields I want to have in my forms, like date and time fields...
    So I started to use the forms buttons and date fields not using Forms Handler. This however results in NO DATA being written to the CSV files, wathever setup I use. And I tried (I guess everything) from creating the CSV's manually, pointing to them manually etc up to using the Forms Handler Manager to create them and copy the path into the manual settings "CSV file Path"... either keeping the checkbox "write to database" in FH Manager ON or OFF: NO RESULT, the CSV's remain blank.
    More irritating, since yesterday I get a 500 error as soon as I fill anything out in the manually filled out "CSV file Path", and no matter what has been filled in (a correct path or an incorrect), the 500 error remains. As soon as the "CSV file Path" is empty, the error disappears.

    Can anyone help me out with a clear tutorial on how to use forms in NOF 2015 without FH, and how forms can be send and data registered in CSV's without using the FH?
    What I am not sure about... what should the path to the CSV look like? Starting from the FH page (if present) or starting from the forms page? Guess it should be the forms page. Tried the full server path but that did not work either... Tried the local path xyz.csv but that did not work either...

    As local page redirection I tried ...

    I'm desperate...

    1) I have the FH Component active on another test page... (is that not compatible?)
    2) I checked the user rights on the CSV's, put them 777 rwx, moved them from local folders to public locations etc etc etc (which should not make any difference since FH based CSV's do work ...)

    Regards, Daniel
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    If you're not using Formhandler but building the forms manually which gives you greater flexibility, then you need to have another script to process the form data. This can be a cgi or ASP or PHP or Cold Fusion (these are the most common but there are plenty of other server-side technologies you can use. You can then have whatever fields you want in your form. Of course you need to know how to modify the script in whichever language you're using, but there's plenty of info available on the web depending on which route you choose to take.

    Personally I've always found Netobjects' Formhandler to be clunky to say the least and have always chosen to either create the form manually and use cgi or, more recently, to use an application installed on my server courtesy of my web host.

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