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Thread: Another lost new user...

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    Default Another lost new user...

    I downloaded and installed Corel Website Creator, which I find is Net Objects Fusion. I'm a couple of days into seeing if I can understand enough to actually produce something. SO far, I'm going around in circles.

    I have read much of what is available, but most of it is WAY beyond the issues I'm having. There don't seem to be answers for simple questions, like "What do I do first...and second?"

    As I'm new, it will probably days before I get any response. My experience has been that people who understand don't like to answer simple questions. :-( They often feel that frustration is a "bad attitude". :-(

    I have sorta created something. I finally found out that one of my problems was that I had not made several of the sets of tools [not sure if that is what NOF calls them?] but I was missing the text formatting tools mostly. W/O these I was stuck. Nobody told me to go to the view menu and click on everything in the top section!

    OK, I now have this screwy Home page. I have been able through trial and error to create 2 text boxes and there is a small set of navigation links. They all are inside the "Master Border". I can move the nav links and one of the text boxes around within the "Master Border" or even outside the MB. I can only easily change the width of the other text box! If I want to move it I have to grab one of the 2 upper corner "handles" and drag them down. This makes the box move, but it never moves anywhere I want or expect it to. It does it's own thing... I CAN finally get it out of the MB.

    The MB has a yellow-orange color and is 250 px tall. I have not been able to: 1) delete the Master Border, 2) change the color, or 3) change the height.
    I have had great difficulty adding new navigation links. I added 2 pages. They appeared in the Site view. But they didn't appear in the Navigation Links in Page view. When I click on the Nav Link box, I see an updated list of pages in the Site Navigation panel on the right. I played around and clicked on the "Edit Custom" button in the Nav Bar Properties panel. Then I was able to "Add" the new links to the bar. And when I clicked on "OK" the 2 new links appeared in Page view. I could not find a way to have some expert tell me how to do that by reading your help messages. Did I miss something?

    OK, now that I have the larger Nav Bar, I repositioned it; simple, just drag it to the correct position. 5 minutes ago I tried to drag it and it would NOT move!

    I have a brown link on the far left of the bar. It is named the same as one of my new pages. It appeared yesterday when I was clicking on everything to find something to work. I'd like to remove it. Note that it DOES NOT appear in any of the lists or diagrams. When I double click on it, it is named "HOME" in the Nav Button Properties panel on the right. I see that the HOME button is titled "LINKS", in spite of the "Use page name in button being checked! I removed the check and was THEN able to type "HOME" into the title field. Ditto w/ the Alt tag! When I went back and checked both these boxes, the title and alt tag reverted to the wrong name! There is no "doit" button in the panel; I had to click on the yellow-orange Master Border to make "HOME" appear.

    After I changed the incorrect link, I noticed that I was able to simply drag and drop the 2nd text box...the one that refused to move except by using the top-corner handles before. Bugs?

    I need something very basic and thorough. Is there any help out there for idiots like me?


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    Link to the documentation:

    Up until v11 there was a couple of pdf documents installed with Fusion. One was a user manual and the other was a getting started tutorial, which went through creating a new web site from scratch, including all the necessary assets. Unfortunately these haven't been updated since v11. However, I may still have them archived on a hard drive (I know I don't have them installed any more) and if needed I could dig them out and upload them to my server. See if the online documentation gets you through, otherwise PM me and I'll find the v11 manuals.

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