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Thread: Using Fusion 2015 Upgrade, website files won't upload.

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    Default Using Fusion 2015 Upgrade, website files won't upload.

    My Fusion 2013 is working fine. I upgraded to Fusion 2015, transfered my current site file via template, no problem.
    When I transfer website files from Local to Remote FTP, It looks like my files transfer to the Remote. But the new site does not show up on the internet.
    Also, If I go back to to Fusion 2013, and view the files on Remote, the new ones are not there.

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    If your Local Publish is good, I would strongly recommend using a dedicated ftp program to upload your files to the server. Modern ftp programs like FileZilla are much more capable at detecting server settings. The ftp in NoF has to have the correct settings for your server input and is somewhat limited in its capabilities. Check with your host (or you working copy of 2013) to make sure your settings are correct. Regardless, I would still recommend Local Publishing and uploading with FileZilla or similar as this gives you the opportunity to make sure your changes are all correct and working before uploading. This is the way I've done it for the last 20 years; I've never used fusion's inbuilt ftp.

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