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Thread: Cannot see site from smart phone

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    Exclamation Cannot see site from smart phone

    I've been using NetObjects for years as an amateur. It always worked. Nothing fancy - simple templates, links, photo galleries, etc. This weekend, I needed to publish photo galleries in real time. The site looked fine on any PC - although it asked for permission for ActiveX controls which was not something I had seen before when using a standard template. But it does not work on any smartphone.

    All smartphones see is: 500 Internal Server Error page

    The site is up at if anyone would like to see. I called the provider, HostGator, and they could not find a similar report.

    So I tried one of the suggestions on a forum here and used the NetObject 2015 WebSite SmartPhone template and didn't use the gallery - just created and uploaded a simple dummy test site. It's text with a couple of photos - no galleries. Same error.

    Since the gallery of photos is being done for a charity, I hate leaving them in a lurch but I'm stuck. I couldn't find anything in the support wiki either.

    Could someone please help? I have no idea what I'm doing wrong! All suggestions welcome.

    Thank you.
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    Server 500 error: The Web server (running the Web Site) encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request by the client for access to the requested URL. This error can only be resolved by fixes to the web server software. I'm afraid it's a matter for your hosting company.

    As the site displays correctly in a web browser on a PC (I'm using an iMac with Safari; didn't bother checking with any other browser/OS combinations) but not on a smartphone (I'm using iPhone 4) I'd suggest it's something to do with the way hostgator is processing the incoming http request but without seeing how your site is set up on the server I can't really help.

    I'd suggest setting your html output to html 5 dynamic. At the moment you're using html 4.01 Loose DTD with utf-8 charset. Using a Fixed Output method with a large site may prevent the site from scaling on a small display.

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