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Thread: Is All Web Menus Dead???

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    Default Is All Web Menus Dead???

    I am rebuilding a computer - new install of Win 10.

    I am not able to access my customer account; not due to bad uid or password.

    And email to sales is being bounced as not being deliverable.

    The USA fax tel number is disconnected.

    Anyone know if they are out of business or what is going on?



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    Something is definitely going on with Likno. Their database behind the web site has been down since I checked a couple of days ago.

    They haven't done any program updates for over a year.

    I deal with the manager there and haven't gotten a response from him in several months.

    I wish I know what's going on, since I do support for them for Fusion users.
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    I also am trying to buy their AllWebMenus and get transferred to:
    which says “Query4 failed."

    Is there another similar program someone can refer?



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