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Thread: Has anything changed on showing larger images from thumbnails

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    Default Has anything changed on showing larger images from thumbnails

    I know when I link up a thumbnail image and want to show that image as a bigger picture I can set it up to pop up in the middle with pretty much the size of the larger image. However doing this just using NOF way still presents it pretty much like it is a window that has been shunk down. Is there anyway to take away the whole windows look and just pretty much have the picture only showing.

    I am using NOF12 And as far as I can see they never incorparated any type of real good so called lightbox feature did they?

    My thumbnail images are placed in a table 3 to a row with 2 rows 6 total images all I want to do is be able to click on one and make it a bigger size without that windows border look. So many of these 3rd party viewers require that you add a lot of HTML to the header and body and do this or that, that most of the time messes my page up. What have you guys done that makes clicking on a thumbnail going to a bigger image simple with no hassle.

    Here is a follow up question

    Why do they give you the option of having a popup window resizable when in fact if you do not check that box off it will STILL allow you to resize it anyway? I donot check that box at all and yet when I go look at it I can still put my mouse arrow on the outer edge and grab it and move it?
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