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    Default Poor Support Shocking

    I opened a support ticket and after 2 attempts and 1 week nobody from support has bothered to answer.
    I stopped using net objects a few years ago because the support was really shocking. I even went as far as finding out who the CEO was and found his Twitter account....I tweeted him......I then got his email and emailed him.......named the offending support staff...there was one particular woman that was really bad.
    Guess what no answer. Sometime later I upgraded to net objects fusion X11 because I still had one website using net objects. I lost the installation program for X11 which download at the time of upgrade but can't find it. I have my Product key but cant find a link to download the original installation. On the website I can download the cumulative updates but you need the original program first. So if any kind soul can point me in the right direction I would be really grateful.
    Back to the lack of support......I gave been in IT for 35 years and I can honestly say the Netobjects Support is the worst I have experienced by far. It has to be hurting the Company when users are leaving or not upgrading.....marching with their feet. Add to that a CEO who can't or won't sort it out then it's not good.
    I think the products are good but what's the point when support is so appallingly shocking.
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    I have to agree completely. I had a problem with a mySQL connector not working that I raised a ticket for with Netobjects support, only to have it marked as 'closed' a week later without even the courtesy of a reply. This happened three times, and it was only after repeated posting to their Facebook page logging the [lack of] progress of my tickets that I finally got a reply.

    The reply simply said that the connector works on their machines, that it's therefore a mySQL issue and that they don't support mySQL. That would be fair enough if it were true, but it ISN'T - it turned out, it WASN'T mySQL that was the problem, it was the fact that the data connector in Fusion 2015 doesn't work with anything later than Java 7. Given that Java 8 was released long before Netobjects 2015, that's just a shockingly bad design fault in the program. The abject failure of Netobjects support to either know this, or at least make the effort to investigate the problem is appalling. I'm afraid I'll be migrating away from these jokers as soon as I can.

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