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Thread: Change images over time

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    Default Change images over time

    I would like to have certain images on my website change like every 3 days. These images are in the master border and the site is 100 pages so manually changing them is a problem. I would like to program them to change every 3 to 5 days automatically. Anybody know a way to do this?

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    It would be easier to change them on a page load (each page load/view will show a different image). This can be done using JavaScript which you would insert in the masterborder

    If you want to set a number of days you may need to use a database of images then do a count within a table and when that count gets to x (whatever you set) a different image from the database will display and the count start again.

    This would require some dynamic coding for the count table and each page load would need to check the count control table or a cookie set on the visitor and then compared the cookie to the table storing the count which would only require the check once. Could get complex unless well thought out.

    Either way, there is nothing native within the Fusion software that would do either.

    If you want to go the random image display here is a script that should work
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