I have with help from these forums set-up my contact form on my web site and all works fine.
I have also added the Google reCaptcha to my form, but the problem is' it does it's job but with problems

Problem 1: I had a thank you page so that when message was sent it said thank you, That does not work properly with Google's reCaptcha because you return to a different page and reCaptcha puts up an error message
I overcame this by deleting the Thank You page and it now works OK

Problem 2 : when you fill in the form you can send "without" doing the reCaptcha. (the message does not get sent)
This means someone who just does not bother to do the reCaptcha, fills in the form, they press send, and think the message has been sent.

Can anyone help me by supplying the piece of code (and instructions) so that it would say you must fill in the captcha, and then thank you after it is sent.