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    Default Site search returns directories

    We use the Site-Search tool for our site. The site is organized heirarchically. So, for example we have a page at When I search for "South of Market" (no quotes) the correct page is returned but the first result is the page's directory We do not want directories to be included in a site search's results. This is our site search page: Is there a way to configure the site-search tool to only return documents, not directories?

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    I haven't received any comments on my questions. Looking at the Google search information, it appears I can add <meta name="googlebot" content="noindex"> to the directory page. But this has 2 problems:
    1) In the NOF design tool, I never see the directory page, just the html page one level lower. Putting the meta tag in after publishing on all directory pages is not feasible plus it would be overwritten on the next publish cycle.
    2) I don't know if the pages below a 'noindex' page would get indexed.

    Has anyone experienced this same problem using the NOF Google site search tool?

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