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Thread: Mysql link to webserver database

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    Question Mysql link to webserver database

    I started to use Fusion 2015 recently.
    Where can I find a good tutorial or video to show me how to link to the database on my webserver. Or an example site to look at.
    The tutorial I tried (from the list provided), link to a local server, mine is on the webserver, so no link from my dev box.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    have a look at this ...

    Mike (Turtle) is a regular contributor on here

    While I no longer use Fusion, I still keep some of my hosting with him, I was very grateful for his help and advice over several years

    There are a couple of other similar firms I believe, but I've not had the opportunity to use them (so I'm not recommending one over the other specifically). With Netobjects rather flaky support all these guys are a well worthwhile 'add on'.

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