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Thread: Creating a database site in Net Objects Fusion...

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    Default Creating a database site in Net Objects Fusion...

    I have volunteered (bad idea?) to help with getting a small online bookshop updated/overhauled, so I need to know a few basics about setting up a simple PHP database site using NOF:

    The pdf mentions starting out by creating an ODBC data source on my PC; I thought that would be easy, but there are different options and I'm not clear about which to use. I have been helpfully provided with an mdb file, which I also have in txt format. It was not created in Access - will this be an issue?

    Beyond that, I'm completely stuck. I know I need to use a Connector on each page, but I don't know what to set in its properties and the pdf is - as usual - as clear as mud. It helpfully states that you don't need a knowledge of PHP, but then fails to explain any of NOF's own terminology and what I need to do with each object. If I can just work out what each object actually achieves, why I should use it, how to use it and where... well, I'll be sorted then!

    I hope someone can help in some way; you'll have my eternal thanks!

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    Something with as many entries as a bookstore should be done with dedicated software that is already coded for that purpose.

    Google php/mysql bookstore software. There are a lot of free ones out there. This will save you months of hand coding

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