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Thread: Cant separate body from footer

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    Default Cant separate body from footer

    I have been using NOF for a long time. I have a fairly large site with multiple pages. Just recently every time that I add a new page the the header and footer portions copy fine. The problem is that the two separators that separate the body from the footer are touching each other and cannot be separated. I have tried placing my mouse pointer over the lower one and both move down. I have tried placing the pointer on the upper one and both markers move up. How do I fix this so that I can add body. Also how can I copy an entire page exactly as it is?

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    grab the top one and drag it downward....

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    when the layout has a value of 1, you need to select the layout in the object tree in order to bring the layout properties to the forefront, then you can type a height value larger than 1 such as 600 etc

    also, check in settings, current site to see what you set for layout height of new pages

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