I sent my first version to godaddy with NO problem. Now Updating.
Have clarification from Godaddy that you have to publish to public_html directory which I did the initial time.
Now I am updating/publishing again to the website. Know I am connecting and transferring but get the error at end "the fileC:\Users\embel\Documents\NObjF2013\UserSites\o sageranch10262016\styles\Oak-Rust\nof.jcarousel_skin.css could not be opened.Pls ck that the file exists as named" I have never had this issue. It is as if it cannot find my website which had no problem publishing the first time. I have never had to use another FTP to publish to godaddy and don't want to have to start because the utility is handy build into NOF. Anyone know how to solve this issue when the directory is not being identified by NOF? Thanks