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Thread: NOF 4.0.1 - Browser can not be run in Win10

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    Default NOF 4.0.1 - Browser can not be run in Win10


    I am using still NOF 4.0.1_G.05. It worked recently very well in Win XP (32K). Since August I have Win 10 (64K). My default browser is GoogleChrome (but Edge and IE11 are also present).
    I am happy to see that NOF still works very good. However there is a always an annoying message: "Unable to run browser". And I can not see the preview or the publishing.
    My questin and problem: is there a way to make the browser ie. IE11 usable for NOF 4?

    Addition: I tried also to import a template in NOF 2014 Essentials. But this goes even more worse: The file (nft) could not be opened. It is build with a version incompatible witj NO Essentials."

    Thanks in advance.

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    To be compatible with Fusion 4 you need to be running an older version of IE. I recall using IE 4 and NN 4 with Fusion 4

    You "may" get away using IE 7.

    Google for how to install and run an older version of IE under windows 10

    Fusion uses a number of MicroSoft products internally to handle things such as file manipulation and display.

    Fusion 4 was released sometime around 1999 so you are looking at running Win2k at the newest OS level.

    You may need to create a dual boot machine, one running windows 10, the other running XP or Windows 2000.
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    Why do you use very old version of Fusion? I recommend you update it.
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