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Thread: Pages changing size after publishing

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    Default Pages changing size after publishing

    I've had a nice website for several years thanks to NOF. I edited it a little back in August with NOF 2015 and was satisfied. A company claimimg to be part of Google contacted me this past week and pointed out some problems with my site mainly when looking at it on a cell phone. It actually looked pretty good on MY cell phone but I thought I'd try to address the situation and add some updated info and pictures to my existing website. I spent most of the afternoon making the changes. Then I published the site.

    When I tried it out on my cell phone I found that the long pages in my 6 page site had shortened to just a short horizontal sliver. All 6 pages were like that. I went back into the editing software and found the pages still long. The site looks great in the editing software but not on the published version. I can't figure out why.

    The other problems:
    I was trying to increase the size of my navigation bar which appears on all six pages but couldn't find a way to do so.
    I had the bar at top and bottom of all six pages but now find it at the top of all six pages but only at the bottom of the home page.
    I wanted to increase the size of the banner at the top of all pages but couldn't make it happen.
    I wanted my phone number to be able to dial on the cell phone when selected. I found a tool for phone number but couldn't get it to work.

    I hope one of you can help me to figure out what's happened.

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    Go back to your saved version of your site before you started tinkering. NoF is not capable of responsive output yet (read: changing the site to suit the size of the visiting device's screen) although I have no doubt that is in the works. In the meantime you will be better off making a 360 pixel wide separate version of your site; NoF has some mobile templates included but it's a simple as making a new site with zero margins and resizing all your graphics to suit the new size using photoshop or another image editing program. Put this version of your site into a directory or sub-domain on your server, then download and modify a selection script from the internet (easy enough to find these days) that reads the viewport size of the visiting device and directs the browser to the appropriate version of your site.

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