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Thread: Work in html code?

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    Question Work in html code?

    I have a website created in Dreamweaver that I want to migrate to a different tool. In Dreamweaver I can see and work in the HTML code. Is this possible with netobjects?
    Also I have many pages that have lists of links to word, pdf, etc. documents. Is it possible to have that in netobjexts? Or is all text in a text box and I would need to re-create each link as a new text box object?

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    NoF is a code generator, not a code editor. The html code is not generated until the site is published. So while you have access to add code snippets in NoF, you cannot really work in the code because it's not generated until publishing. You can then edit the published code if you wish, but the next time you publish your edited code will be overwritten by the newly generated code.

    If you want to work with code, there are much better applications than NoF, not the least of which is Dreamweaver which you are already using.

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