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    Exclamation Import My Website Into NOF 15

    Hi and a Very Merry Christmas To All

    My problem is that I have messed up part of my website in NOF 15, I don't have a good backup as I had overwritten the backup before I realised I had made a hash of part of my site.

    What I need to do is Download/Import my online version which has not been altered yet. Is this possible ?

    I have tried to bring my online version into NOF with my FTP program and just overwriting the items in NOF but I just get the same messed up site.

    I can't see any way to make my online site be the one I am editing in NOF.

    Any Help Please.
    If you help me I'm Greatful.
    If I help you I'm Pleased

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    Your actual website software is like compiled source code that programmers make from the code they write within a program. There is no way that I have ever heard that you can reverse compile published web site files 100% back. The code that NOF stores is therefore different than your published web site files and folders you put on a web server. One of the more expert NOF support people may know a way to salvage some of your trashed source files. And then you may be able to redo what can't be salvaged.
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    Building from scratch will help you practice and your site will go together faster than the first time, plus it will will be structurally better as well data wise. Think of it as a good lesson in building to always consider a good back up method.
    When you start, go to Tools > Options > Current Site > Backups > Local Autosaves > Check Total number of autosaves > and set it over 5.
    Then have at least the Microsoft Backup doing autosaves to external drive, USB, SD card, etc. with dated backups to keep you even further protected for backup files to choose from.
    People will probably tell you other backup systems, but these methods above get you going >now<.

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    Cannot recreate from existing published website.
    For Backups do not simply rely on NOF backups of .NOD files - they will have the structure but do not contain all the images etc.
    What I do? I have a directory on my laptop called guessed....NOF ZIP Backups.
    At suitable points, when things seem to be working ok I back up.
    In Site view....look under FILE...../Export as Template. Save to your local computer (also best to tick the 'include remote publish' details - never sure why that wasn't the default!)

    If you mess things up just choose NEW SITE...from template and choose the backed up version.
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    Backups in NOF means EXPORTING site to a TEMPLATE file.

    That's the only way that works. I do not overwrite the backup templates with new ones. I create new file names each time I back up, using serial names to indicate which is the most recent backup eg BackupSitename01;BacckupSitename02, BackupSitename03 etc. I generally keep the last 10 backups or so before deleting the earlier ones. Then i back up my backups from my local drive to an external hard disk for added security.

    Recently I upgraded my computer and opted for Win7 from WinXP. I also upgraded to NOF15. I used the last backed up template to transfer my site to the new computer/OS/NOF combo and it went like a breeze, no problem at all.

    Of course, one has to carry out backups religiously and regularly if one does not want to spend hours trying to recover the unrecoverable.

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    As a NewBe I learn quick when I read something good!

    So I now have a folder on my DeskTop called 'NOF BackUP ZIPs'
    And I also made a text file to store in that folder with my BackUps, like this:

    NOF BackUP ZIPs
    TAPCUG PC 12/23/2016 9:45am 2,302 KB

    | In Site view....look under FILE...../Export as Template.
    | Save to your local computer
    | (also best to tick the 'Include Remote Publish'
    | details-never sure why that wasn't the default!)
    | If you mess things up just choose
    | NEW SITE..from template and choose the backed up version.

    - = e o f = -

    Thanks for saving me a few Headakes in Advance!
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