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Thread: FAQ corruption issues

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    Angry FAQ corruption issues

    Has anyone encountered corruption issues with the FAQ detail in Fusion 2013. It used to just delete entries, now it is replacing with URL cache usually a script of 400-600 characters. I have installed Sitelock and it is still happening. I also have tried turning off the visit counts.

    Any fixes out there suggestions other than overwriting the prefixfaq.csv and the prefixcatagory.csv files several times per day and having users see the crap that constantly corrupts the file. I can prevent it by changing the permissions to read only, however that causes a "Error 501" when you try to expand the answer.

    I have been on the forum for a long time and have asked this question several times. I have also written tech support and the CEO with no response.

    Here is what I get after 20 minutes of having the prefixfaq.csv file with permissions = write replacing my question.

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    It appears that Fusion 2015 has NOT fixed the issue. I had contacted the Support Team about it and they indicated that 2013 was no longer supported and offered me a discount to upgrade. However they did not indicate that the problem was addressed in version 2015, I updated and a question disappeared (corruption) in the past 36 hours. There is still an issue with Fusion 2015
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