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Thread: Mosaic subscription problem

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    Default Mosaic subscription problem

    I want to pay online to renew, but the "" hangs with revolving curser after clicking on checkout

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    I've forwarded your issue on to the powers that be.

    You should hear from someone
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    It would appear thatMosic is a dead product. Can't sign up. Can't get support. Nothing. They were, however, more than happy to keep taking my money every month.

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    I don't know what's going on with this company anymore and I don't give them the benefit of the doubt. Something is going on but it can't be good. Online stuff is shutting down, the company is unusually quiet, people contacting the company are being totally ignored. The end is probably near. I don't know how anybody can come to any different conclusion. No normally functioning company behaves like they are and have been. Something is wrong here. And if they are still going, they could help themselves a lot by making some public statements, like "Hello, we are still here working hard".

    Has this site been unusually dead lately??? Not much to do on this site. My time here is at it's end. Time to move on to other stuff.
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