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Thread: Tried 12 Switched Back to 9... Way to stop text links from changing colors..?

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    Default Tried 12 Switched Back to 9... Way to stop text links from changing colors..?

    Hi All..

    Bought new version.. Just was very unstable on my computer. Probably go back and try it again, but meanwhile since 9 works start using it again..

    I can't remember if I knew the answer to my question at some point and forgot it, but anyway..

    It's the old thing about text links and the type changes color when you link the text.. Funny thing is it doesn't happen all the time.

    Even in the same text box it won't happen and then it will happen.. So I don't know really what's going on..

    Any ideas greatly appreciated..


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    So I found this thread...

    It seems to be a pretty concise instruction..


    In your site style's CSS. In the following code example, all your links are

    a links {color: #FF0000;}
    a:active {color: #FF0000;}
    a:hover {color: #FF0000; text-decoration:underline;}
    a:visited {color: #FF0000;}


    Of course this instruction assumes every text link you have is the same color. I was hoping to have an instruction that would apply to all text links as there would be different color text blocks..

    I guess I never did this before since I don't know how to change site's CSS..

    Is this something you would do after you publish the site? To open the site.css or style.css file and modify them..?


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    You can modify or add the CSS in the Manage Styles dialog box which can be accessed either in the Style Menu in Styles View or in the Text Menu in Page Design View.

    There's one modification from the thread you quote above: a:active should come last in the list the order of which should read:
    a: (the link isn't necessary; just a: will do
    a: visited
    a: hover
    a: active

    You can add as many of these pseudo classes as you wish by using a2; a3 etc and assigning different parameters to each. I often do this for footer links which generally need to be different from page links.

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    Hi Franko.

    Thank you for the info... Much appreciated..

    I try my best.. When you start talking about pseudo classes though.. haha... I start looking around the room if you're talking to me..

    Imagine well known phrasing to experienced fellows like yourself...

    I look into it though..!!

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    Got to the manage styles dialog box..

    Problem is so many different options, really don't know what I'm doing or what I should be doing to do to get the edits done..

    Oh well.. onward...

    I would really need a sit down with someone who can do a video walk through step by step.. I'm really totally lost on where to even begin on this deal..

    If you know any videos up for something on this... great..

    I search around..

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    You might find some useful info in these tutorials. There's a whole pile of CSS tutorials you can go through
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