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Thread: download existing website into my nof 12 software

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    Cool download existing website into my nof 12 software

    I built my website with nof7 and someone bought me 11 , I upgraded to 12 but never used that cause I couldn't get my site into this new software. I was reading on 12 and it said I could import my existing site into my hard drive. Can anybody tell me (in very plain English for a kindergardener) how to do that? I'm not computer savvy at all.
    After this , I'll have to get it from my hard drive to the software (NOF 12). Appreciate it. If anybody can help , I'm in a bit of a hurry. Anita

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    If you mean can you import your published html into Netobjects, the answer is no. Depending on the size of the site, you can use the existing assets to build a new Netobjects site by simple cut and paste.

    To download your published site to your hard drive use a program like HTTrack and then you will have the site mirrored on your hard drive.

    If you still have the .nod file for your web site from either v7 or v11, open the site up in the appropriate version and then export it as a template. You can then create a new site from template in v12.

    If you have the .nod file but don't still have your previous versions installed then you can open the .nod file directly into v12. However, this NOT recommended and should be a last resort if creating a template fails. If you go this route, as soon as you have opened the site in NoF, verify all assets, delete any unused assets and export a template of the entire site. Keep this in a safe place and every time you make major alterations to the site, export a template once again.

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