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Thread: Updating from older version

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    Default Updating from older version

    I realise I am living in the dark ages, but one of my old customers, did his website back in 2012, has come back asking for update.
    I don't do so much these days, but had upgraded from V11 or 12 to 13 a few years back, and thought this be easy, just open the old nod file in 2013.
    Hmmm bummer all I get is file created in older version, do you want to open copy, then whatever you choose, it goes of as though trying to convert and dump the program.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks from a long time browser

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    Opening a nod file in a newer version is NOT the correct way to upgrade a site. Follow this procedure:
    1. Open nod in version it was created in.
    2. Verify all assets.
    3. Delete unused assets.
    4. Verify assets again.
    5. Export a template.
    6. In new version, File>Create New Site From Template. Save site.
    7. In new site, verify all assets again.
    8. Change your site options to suit (I always keep my backups in one folder, my exported templates in another, both on an external drive, and save my nod file to my hard drive.

    You're good to go. Export templates at regular intervals and especially after doing any major work on the site.

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