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Thread: Unable to get trial version of Mosaic

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    Default Unable to get trial version of Mosaic


    When I go to get a trial version of Mosaic it asks for a UN and PW. Nothing I enter works and no email that I enter in the "forgot password" field is found (get an error message "email not found")

    There is no link for "register now"

    How does one download a trial version of Mosaic?

    - Bill

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    Mosaic is an online development tool.

    You use it, not download it.

    Contact Neto regarding the Mosaic product
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    Thanks for the reply.

    But, there is still no way that I can find to register to use the product. I have a request into NetObjects but no reply as yet.

    - Bill

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    Mosaic appears to be dead. My site no longer displays any images, just a plain white background showing links and nothing more. Tech support does not answer any emails, and you can no longer sign-up on the
    website. It's a very dead product. Too bad, I liked it's ease of updating. Oh well.

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    Default NOF is dead...

    Thank you for the information. I have tried to find any contacts for Mosaic to request a trial but nothing is there. The same NOF - no contact email, no phone, mail address only. The NOF Page on Facebook is dead as well (last update 4 yrs ago).

    Thank you NOF, rest in peace!

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    I have switched to "90 second Web Site Builder." It is an incredibly functional, incredibly easy to use HTML/PhP code generator like Fusion but it actually works and you can actually get in touch with a real person for tech support issues. It has an incredible array of functions and even allows for CSM coding and forms generation in a intuitive manner. (Oh! it also has a very powerful responsive design component.)

    I've given up on NOF.

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