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I have a client whom requested testimonials on his site - not an issue at all! NOF makes adding, acquiring and administration of testimonials very simple. However, my client now also wants his feedback/testimonials to include a "Star" rating (1 out of 5 stars, etc - something like this Attachment 2614) similar to how you rate an app in Google play or the android store. Is this even possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Duncan,

I can't believe how your client wants to complicate things, how much you try to help, and how all comments here beat around the bush with savant solutions ...

What if reality will show just a few testimonials with typos, bad grammar and poor ratings?

You can simplify things by inviting visitors to offer their opinions asking them to type the number of stars by themselves.

1 star *
2 stars **
3 stars ***
4 stars ****
5 stars *****

Remember: less is more