I have been using NOF since about version 5, and being an old dinosaur I was using it on my old old XP computer that had version 5 upgraded to NOF10. Well the old XP that has been a work horse for 10++ years has given up the ghost, so I had planned to add NOF10 to my WIN10 comp, but I can not get past the license number screen since NOF5 is NOT on the WIN10 comp., it keeps saying it can not find an older version installed. I entered both the NOF10 lic. number and the NOF5 lic. number, which this old lady had a copy of the invoice from years and years ago that I had written the lic. num. on.

Can anyone tell me what to do to fix this? I am handicapped and nearly blind, and truly enjoy doing sites to occupy my time, I may not be as good as I was in my younger days, but refuse to let those down I have done sites for and still need me, so I really need to get my NOF10 on this WIN10 computer. HELP!

Thanks in advance,