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Thread: Published Site Structure Not Matching Design Site Structure

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    due to a Nof bug, you need to rename pages the correct way, in site view, by clicking the name in the page label and not in the property palette

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    Just an update for future was not so much the PAGE RENAME that was the problem but that it generated the wrong name html. eg <domain name> ORTHOPEDIC/about.html

    I had a lok for the OP and could not see why it was doing this.
    I picked up the same template, changed page names etc and all worked ok, including the generated html file name.

    In the end I just duplicated a page that WAS working, deleted the detail from that cloned page and copied the detail from the 'bad' page...that seemd to work ok...strange one.

    Anyway the OP is going to do that for all errant pages and it should then be ok.

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