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    Default background image changes

    Hi THere

    where is this Edit Page background box

    here is where I found these instructions

    I'd like to replace all of the master and layout region with a image back ground
    I hope this makes sense

    My question is
    in site stylee mode, with read only un-ticked
    graphic tab selected
    I click on the background

    in the css properties window

    how do I globally change the background-image pic
    in the css edit properties window ?

    where is the Edit Page background box ?

    Thanks for Your help

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    You don't change the background in the css properties window, you change it in graphics tab in Style View. Double clicking on the background image brings up a dialog box where you can selelct your new background image. You can then change its attributes in Styles -> Manage Styles in the Body section. Click Edit button and then Background tab where you can change the image, background colour, fixed or scrolling, etc.

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    Hey Franko

    Scrolling all the way to the bottom of the graphics page
    I found the background thingy
    clicking it does bring out the window you wrote about
    AND it does come about
    BUT - the size doesnt cover the whole page - it only covers 1/3 of the page
    its a jpeg at about 650 x 550 aspprox

    What to do?

    See what I mean - it doesnt go all the way down
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    First off, you're using a dynamic html output method (html 5 dynamic OR html 4.01 with tables) and you have overlapping objects. Your site is all over the place when I view it because of this. If you want to overlap objects then you must use a fixed html output method (html 5 or html 4.01) or move the objects so they are no longer overlapping (you'll see a little red exclamation mark in the top corner of the object if it is overlapping another).

    As far as the background goes, simply vertically tile the image. You do this in the Body section of the Manage Styles dialog box, as I said previously. Did you look?

    Also you have the following code before the <html> tag, that is before the html page begins. This code should go inside the <head> tag. Don't know how you got it where it is because there isn't an option in NoF to place html before the head tags, let alone before the <html> tag.
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    Thanks a million Franko

    I didnt know what output method I used
    I'm sort of just 'winging this' through trial and error ( mostly error )

    Right - working on straightening everything so it doesn't overlap ( and subsequently looking like crap )
    Second I did find what you mentioned in the earlier post and will fix that soon

    What is the following code ? before the HTML tag line
    I only use the default with the exception of
    google analytic code AND
    facebook "like button" code
    They were not explicit with their directions or steps so ...
    should I
    put all that code after the <html/> code line ?

    I used a default style from NOF2013 so I cant tell why the positions move like that

    Thanks again for your help

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    First line in any html document should be the doctype, eg <!DOCTYPE html>. Then should come the <html> tag. Then <head> and within <head> any script calls, meta tags and links to, for example, CSS files. You script files should be inside the <head></head> tags.

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    Franko! You are definitely the best source for help I've found on this forum. Could you please give me clear way to put a background GIF image on my homepage and then have it appear on every page on my website? My site is 21 years old. You told me how to do it in the past, but I've had a problem with my site. I would greatly appreciate your adice!

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