I have a CD copy of NetObjects Fusion 4.0 which I used several years ago on a PC that I got rid of a few years back. I have this Dell desktop running Win 10 with Java 8 update 131. I use this Dell rarely, as I have switched to a Mac. However, a person I built a website for with the NOF 4.0 has moved their small business and would like to have the address and map on their website updated.

The free NOF Essentials will not download on this Dell, so can I obtain the S/N of the NOF 4.0 so that I can use it on this Dell running Win 7? Somewhere I read that in order to run on a different computer than it was installed on I need to download it (requiring the serial number). (Does it run on a Mac?)

I would prefer using my NOF 4.0 to other options to update their website; it is a fine software product.