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Thread: Using FileZilla to remove a website from the server and upload a new version

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    Default Using FileZilla to remove a website from the server and upload a new version

    As a newbie I'm not sure how to go about this task. Using NOF15, the current version of FileZilla, and Windows 10 I have been given the task of removing an existing website and uploading a new one. I have no problem with FileZilla in lining up with the Local Publish and /public_html on the server, but do we have to remove and upload the files one at a time or can they be compressed (Zip ???) and removed in one go and uploaded in the same fashion?

    I'm assuming that there is a straight forward method, but I just want the operation to go smoothly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just use Filezilla to delete all elements of the old website.
    I know many people advocate also using filezille (or equiv FTP) to upload ne website but I have NEVER had any problems in using the in built NOF Publish method to transfer the new website...pretty straightforward. Absolutely NO NEED to transfer using a zip file.

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    You can select files the same as you do with Windows Explorer and just drag and drop.

    You should make a temporary server back up folder on your local machine and copy your current website to there for deleting, just in case you mess up.
    You ccould also make temporary or test folders at the server and do some practice transfers first to make sure you got it (just right click in the server window to make a directory).
    FileZilla uses multiple ftp sessions, meaning it automatically transfers more than one file at a time.

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    Thank you gentleman all went well, all is good.

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