Hope someone out there can help.

I developed a small website which I manage for a small church www.rgcf.co.uk - I created some Rollover pictures and links to navigate around the website. Using Google all the Rollover pictures display and work fine, but view it in MS Edge, or Mozilla Firefox and some, not all, of the pictures disappear. This was not the case originally. So, I've tried renaming the rollover pictures, firstly ensuring they had underscores between spaces in the names, but that didn't work. Next I renamed some taking the spaces out all together and that didn't work either. Some pictures display when loaded, some of the rollover pictures display when you 'Rollover' them, but not all.

In desperation, I re published the entire website, that didn't work. Next I decided to do a local publish and all the Rollover 'buttons' display locally in MS Edge . So instead of publishing via Netobjects 12, I FTPd the entire site up manually. Still the same problem. I'm pulling my hair out - what's left. On my computer the rollovers work in MS Edge, MS Explorer and Mozilla. But open the website itself and the Rollovers aren't working.

Any suggestions gratefully received as the client is getting annoyed at the site without the rollover buttons.

Thanks to anyone who has any ideas site is http://www.rgcf.co.uk/