I'm using NOF15 to create a Layout Region based Form. I've added the fields and a Forms Button. However, if I attempt to use an image for the button I get a publishing error where it says "the file {path} could not be opened. Please check that the file exists as named." I know the file exists and exists in the path specified in the error message. This only happens when attempting to substitute my own image for the default submit button. The same thing happens if you attempt to use the Forms Handler with the submit button as an image. I was going to mess around with a third party forms builder (and may still need to with this issue), but I'd rather go with the built ins in NOF if possible. Time is of the essensce and there will be some learning curve involved with any third party form builder.

I suppose the only reason I discovered the issue is that I've not used anything other than the default button before on desktop sites. However this site I'm building is a mobile site, and for some odd reason I have to build it larger than I would if it were a desktop site. 1000 pixels wide in order for it to render well on my LG G3 smartphone. The type and images all have had to be much larger in NOF than you'd expect in order to get it to be mobile friendly.

I did a previous mobile site which was only 250 pixels wide and that worked out exactly as WSIWYG, but I'm trying to go with the flow.

I've tried to publish using the Site Setting for the HTML as well as with HTML 4.01, or 5 with no differences with this specific issue.
Finally, I'm not 100% positive that using an image would allow my form to be submitted, but I presume so. I was hoping to at least test this out, but with this issue I cannot even do that.

With NOF not formally supporting this product anymore (at least that I can find from their site) I'm hoping a community member might have some helpful insight or suggestion here. Thanks in advance.