contagion [kuh n-tey-juh n]
- the ready transmission or spread as of an idea or emotion from person to person:

As a backgrounder, NOF gave me my start when I bought my copy at $900US in the 90's for version 2. It was part of my business plan and my professor told me I need to learn html and I said I don't, it's just another OS language - no need for me to be another copy/paste artist of code, someone will come along like Apple or MS with a GUI so I can focus on content delivery. I have survived & thrived just knowing rudimentary code for a website depending on coders who write killer apps (who are predictably vilified by coders who aren't capable - king of the hill game mentality).

So IMHO I think I can qualify to know this all so important statement by SPM given what is happening now,

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I waited more than a year longer than I should have before making the move, in the hope that NoF would 'do something' - *** and damaged my business in the meantime. ***

Once I changed, from a starting point of a far more advanced product than NoF at the same price I have benefited from two major upgrades (one of which was free as a recent purchaser, one of which deep discounted as a current user), a series minor upgrades (combined additional benefits and rapid bug fixes as identified) and excellent (usually measured in minutes rather than hours) support even for the dummest of questions.
It saddens me for other people because for a few dollars more, this once cutting edge technology is willing to damage a few businesses more. Case and point:

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I keep on getting the price reductions from Steve. He is lowering the price of 2015 on each email over this last year.
The last advert says " Hurry, this is a limited time offer, and once it's gone, it's gone for good. $29.98"
Wherever these jack-lighted hopefuls come from, they are now at these forums looking for a way forward. I saw this latest post for help:

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I'm using NOF15 to create a Layout Region based Form. I've added the fields and a Forms Button. However, if I attempt to use an image for the button I get a publishing error where it says "the file {path} could not be opened. Please check that the file exists as named." I know the file exists and exists in the path specified in the error message. This only happens when attempting to substitute my own image for the default submit button. The same thing happens if you attempt to use the Forms Handler with the submit button as an image. I was going to mess around with a third party forms builder (and may still need to with this issue), but I'd rather go with the built ins in NOF if possible. Time is of the essensce and there will be some learning curve involved with any third party form builder.

I suppose the only reason I discovered the issue is that I've not used anything other than the default button before on desktop sites. However this site I'm building is a mobile site, and for some odd reason I have to build it larger than I would if it were a desktop site. 1000 pixels wide in order for it to render well on my LG G3 smartphone. The type and images all have had to be much larger in NOF than you'd expect in order to get it to be mobile friendly.

I did a previous mobile site which was only 250 pixels wide and that worked out exactly as WSIWYG, but I'm trying to go with the flow.

I've tried to publish using the Site Setting for the HTML as well as with HTML 4.01, or 5 with no differences with this specific issue.
Finally, I'm not 100% positive that using an image would allow my form to be submitted, but I presume so. I was hoping to at least test this out, but with this issue I cannot even do that.

With NOF not formally supporting this product anymore (at least that I can find from their site) I'm hoping a community member might have some helpful insight or suggestion here. Thanks in advance.
Two key issues from this Junior Member:
1 - "Time is of the essence and there will be some learning curve involved with any third party form builder."
2 - Mobility issues

Experienced users know he's flushed money down the toilet to fit that bill. With price being his first qualifier to deliver content, the only silver lining is that maybe it didn't cost more than a round of beers with his buddies. But he will need the time to find out the issues with forms and mobile compatibility to later weight out his investment (waste) in time and money. To those who say time is money, don't be stupid. Time is way more precious and irrecoverable.

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I see nothing to convince me that 'super NOF' is on the horizon (however far Since_V4 moves it).
So true, but why follow such movements - if you can even call it such?
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I need no responsive new web site because I do not make a living selling from my websites, nor do I build websites for other people anymore.

If by Dec. 31, 2017 no new NOF is released, I say Goodbye to NOF and shall join the wysiwyg website design software trend elsewhere.
This of course does not mean I shall rush to buy another software on Jan. 1, 2018 ...

All the best to you fellow fusionists and NOFers!
If you have no need for a responsive website, nor sell or build websites, don't have a business to damage, but for some reason have time to waste and can follow the movements of Since_V4 - to later join a wysiwyg website design software trend elsewhere, then by all means hit the snooze button. BTW:
Profile for Since_v4 > "About"
Biography: Entrepreneur, entrepreneur, entrepreneur.

Prolific oddity without end I find. Just search it.

My advise? - Neil Young once said it is better to burn out than to fade away. Don't burn yourself out on a product that is fading away.


All the best to you fellow true people of content delivery and service! Your reputation and reward will be automatic by your customers who enjoy things being done outside of their main daily chore. As a chore and problem solver, plus a pseudo-marketer of their business, you will be recommended. Online 'smartabees' will tell you, you need to learn code. Street 'smartabees' will tell you, you need to print advertise - but you will not need any of that once you know superior delivery of content, service and market results cancel that out. There's no proof on that except on a renewed contract or subscription - relationships and people at your centre, so centre yourself properly business-wise and independently within yourself.

Forget snooze - WAKE UP!!!!! IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY!