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Thread: Trying to Publish my new website

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    As the site shows ....

    Copyright © 2000-2009 OPEIU HEALTHCARE Pennsylvania. All Rights Reserved.
    300 N. Second Street, Suite 920 ~ Harrisburg, PA 17101 ~ 1-800-568-4762
    Website design & maintenance by BRK Web Designs, Inc.

    ... at the footer I guess you haven't been successful in uploading the new version

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    Its some time since I used NoF, but I gather that some people have had difficulty in FTP upload using the inbuilt FTP particularly where the host has since introduced more secure options.

    Generally I gather that people prefer to publish the site locally (own machine/network) and then use software like Filezilla to upload - have a look at at the 2013 & 2015 sections and i think you will find several relevant threads.

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